Passione collection is for the passionate women – a symbol of true femininity and a real accessory that beautifies every woman. It is made with the desires of women at heart.

Edizione Limitata

The Edizione Limitata is a specially designed exclusive timepiece collection for both men and women crafted in limited quantity.


Made for special occasions, the Tesoro collection emphasizes polished timepieces that are questionably brilliant in design and precise engineering that leaves a lasting impression.


Each Uomo timepiece is specially crafted to perfectly suit the occasion in which it shall be worn. It is time to embrace your true personality with these fine watches made especially for gentlemen of taste who dares to be different.


A lover’s watch – The variety of Amante collection timepieces gives you the chance to choose a watch to match your loved ones. Artfully integrated designs unite in perfect symbiosis with each other.


The Ceramica collection, designed with loving attention to detail, features great style that combine latest fashion trends of ceramic material with just the right dose of glamour. The combination of quality materials makes every watch a style statement.